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Explore the true value of Seaweed

AquAgri produces a range of valuable seaweed-based solutions catering to various industries.

Bio-stimulants: Agricultural Input

AquAgri manufactures a wide range of seaweed-based biostimulants like concentrated liquid seaweed extract, Seaweed extract powder, whole seaweed powder, seaweed gel & flakes. These products are naturally rich in plant growth promoters, micro and macronutrients. They act as bio-stimulants that robustly boost crop yield by accelerating the plant’s metabolic function.

Carrageenan: An additive for Food & Beverage Industry

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid extracted from some red seaweed. It is an approved food additive used worldwide in ice creams, flavoured milk, confectionery, processed meat and beverage.

It is a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides which are extracted from red seaweeds. They are used widely in the food industry for their gelling, thickening and stabilising properties. Their main application is in dairy and meat products due to their strong interactions with protein.

AquAgri has developed expertise in producing Carrageenan over the years. It is a vegetarian and vegan alternative to gelatin. We have a range of Carrageenan solutions available for different industries.







Animal Feed Supplements

AquAgri has developed a 100% natural seaweed-based natural feed supplement for optimising the health of animals. As a rich source of bio-available minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, it contributes to animal health and wellness at all life stages.

Our seaweed supplement is well-suited for various formulations, including Dairy, Poultry and Aquaculture. It has low dosage rates, which are easily incorporated into commercial-feed applications. It is a highly economical solution with minimal risks where producers can improve the health, productivity and profitability of their operations.

Sustainable Packaging

Seaweed is a natural source of bio-polymers. Bio-films made from seaweed are 100% biodegradable. AquAgri has developed advanced technology for manufacturing bio-films from seaweed. We are developing an eco-friendly replacement for plastic that is environmentally friendly and sustainable Globally, seaweed is abundant and fast growing. It doesn’t require freshwater, land or fertiliser. This marine alga is one of the greatest weapons against climate change –  reducing ocean acidification and effectively absorbing carbon. Seaweed-based, non-chemically modified, polysaccharide-based material is categorised as a natural, organic substance by EU law. These products are designed to degrade naturally. It is “biodegradable” and “home-compostable”.

Shelf Life Extension

Seaweeds are natural bio-polymers which have various properties to act as natural preservatives. They can extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables without affecting their quality or causing side effects. Seaweed coating gel helps in increasing the shelf life of perishables.

AquAgri focuses on seaweed preservation offerings that improve products’ shelf life and quality. It also contributes to our initiative to reduce carbon footprint in the food sector.

Coating Aids

It is essential to handle and store fertiliser properly to avoid the damage caused by dust generation and caking. Fertiliser degradation leads to safety, environmental, and health hazards. 

With the aim of mitigating these hazards, AquAgri offers a fertiliser coating solution that is 100% natural and economical. Our coating aid helps fertilisers combat dust problems and helps improve the crushing strength of granules. It also helps in the slow release of nutrients into the soil, which enhances Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE).

Sustainable Biomass from Seaweed for the Future


Acknowledging the situation of how the current fossil fuel reserves are near extinction, we at AquAgri took a step toward producing sustainable biofuel. We have developed the technology for manufacturing a viable and promising renewable source of biofuel through seaweed production.