CSR Activities

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Our Employee

At AquAgri, we believe that our people are not only crucial for driving growth and success but also for creating a thriving work culture. We prioritize our employees by focusing on their development and nurturing them through continuous training programs. We understand the importance of keeping their skills relevant in a fast-changing world. Diversity and …

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Our Clients

Our clients hold great importance to us at AquAgri, and we highly value the relationships we build with them. We are committed to working with highly engaged clients who trust us and believe in our products and services. Our client-centric approach ensures that we keep their needs and requirements at the forefront of everything we …

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Our Community

At AquAgri, we deeply value the communities in which we operate. Making a sustainable social impact on these communities is a top priority for us. We focus on two key areas: the communities around our plant and the fishing communities involved in seaweed production. For the communities around our plant, we strive to create sustainable …

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Aquagri is focused on the environment and organic production methods. Producing sea weed-based biostimulants and plant food can indeed help reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable agriculture. Our commitment to environmental advocacy and protection is consistent. By conducting campaigns and promoting awareness, we can inspire others to take action and make a positive impact …

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Livelihood and Living Conditions

Creating sustainable livelihoods through self-help groups and providing skills is a sustainable approach. Empowering communities to start their own livelihoods not only improves their quality of life but also promotes economic stability and self-sufficiency. Selecting projects that can be monitored for long-term sustainable impact is crucial. By working in coastal communities and those surrounding your …

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Cultivator communities

AquAgri aspires to create sustainable livelihoods and engages with coastal cultivator communities to support them by understanding their needs and fulling them to create employment opportunities. Our CSR is very focused on the upliftment of Cultivator communities and supporting them to become economically independent.

Communities around our plant

The communities around our plant are within our reach to create sustainable impact through long-term CSR projects. This gives us an opportunity to involve our employee community in CSR activities creating a platform for purposeful engagement.